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Lunch Menus

Printable Menu (PDF)

Choose one lunch option. All meals come with the Garden Harvest Bar.

Fruit offered in 1/2 cup portions for grades K-12. Vegetables offered in 1/2 cup portion for grades K-5, 3/4 cup portion for grades 6-8 and 1 cup portions grades 9-12. Every complete meal we serve comes with your choice of a 8 oz Carton of Fat Free Skim Milk or TruMoo 1% Chocolate Milk.

Remember: You MUST include a vegetable and/or fruit from the daily Garden Harvest Bar to make a COMPLETE meal. All customers will be Charged a la carte price if the Meal is NOT COMPLETE which will cost you more than the complete meal.

Yogurt Lunch (Vegetarian):
Trix, Dannon, Go Big Yogurt or Greek Yogurt Cup, Pull Apart Cheese Stick, WG Muffin & WG Crackers

Grab & Go Lunch Box:
WG Cereal (E/M&H) served w/ WG Crackers
Middle and High School Only: Soy Butter and Jelly Sandwich, or Peanut Butter and Jelly
All served with Cook's Choice of Protein,Milk and the Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Menus are subject to change due to availability of product.

* Contains pork.  V=Vegetarian