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Sports Boosters

The Houghton High School Gremlins All Sports Booster Club, Inc., is comprised of parents and community members who have an interest in improving and assisting the Houghton High School athletic program. The Booster's main purpose is fundraising to support athletic programs and promoting school spirit through sports.

General contact email: houghton-sports-boosters@googlegroups.com

The Houghton Sports Booster Club needs your assistance! Please volunteer some
     time to work the concession stand or Gremlin Store by following the link to the online
     sign-up below.

     The Houghton Sports Booster Club's support of Gremlin Athletics has allowed us to
     avoid a pay-to-play situation at Houghton Middle and High School, and has purchased
     safety equipment, uniforms, and other items necessary for athletics. Please help by
     volunteering to work a few shifts in the concession or gremlin store! The Booster club
     spends over $20,000 annually in support of OUR children, so lets find the time to
     support them!

     Go Gremlins!
CLICK HERE to sign up to help out in the concession stand!
Did You Know?
  • 53% of our 7th - 12th grade students participate in school sports.

  • The Houghton All-Sports Booster Club gives over $20,000 annually to our high
    school and middle school teams.

  • The Boosters Club helps provide items such as uniforms, sports equipment and scholarships.

  • The money to support athletics comes from concession stand proceeds, apparel sales, donations and our annual dinner.


Booster Members 2021-22

Casey Polkinghorne, President

Risa Williamson, Vice President

(vacant) Treasurer

Jennifer Pugh, Secretary


Bobbie Jo Holombo

Teresa Trewhella

Anne Polkinghorne

Carrie DeForge

Jamie Therrian

Cat Burns

Sethany Leonard

Mike Morley

Shari Tapani

Amy Stier

Penny Syrja

JR Repp

Kay Waite

The majority of booster monies are raised from an annual dinner/dance and concession stand sales.